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2022-06-17 10:36

Overheating Overheating of the microstructure after quenching can be observed from the rough mouth of the bearing parts. But to accurately judge the degree of its overheating must observe the microstructure. If coarse acicular martensite appears in the quenched structure of GCr15 steel, it is a quenched superheated structure. The reason for the formation may be the overall overheating caused by the quenching heating temperature is too high or the heating and holding time is too long; it may also be due to serious banded carbides in the original structure, forming local martensitic needle-like thick in the low-carbon area between the two bands, localized overheating. The retained austenite in the superheated structure increases and the dimensional stability decreases. Due to the overheating of the quenched structure and the coarse crystals of the steel, the toughness of the parts will be reduced, the impact resistance will be reduced, and the life of the bearing will also be reduced.



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